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The freedom that comes 

With being born a girl child 

Is a fascinating paradox

Few would ever pitch their lofty expectations upon her

She will marry and leave home after all

Passed on from her father to her husband

The irony!

And yet the mother intuitively knows, that

Princely as they may come

Few men would ever befit her grandeur

Is it a wonder then?

That the most arduous of all tasks

To seed, birth and raise a species

Would be entrusted upon her?

When she starts rising

Like the iridescent phoenix

Few would egg her on 

To reach up to the stratosphere

Where all the stars reside

To the frontrunners and the finishers

Your star shining boldly

We are eternally grateful

Because you have proven that

Women can…

A poem by Mmaselemo Tsuari. (cc 2023)

August is women’s month and at Neo Fertility, we celebrate you. We celebrate your beauty, your innate intelligence, your energy, your courage. The list of attributes will never be exhausted. 

As a fertility specialist, a fertility warrior, who joins millions of women who conceived through IVF, this month I dedicate to the “black pearls”, who despite all wanting, all effort, all pleading, were dealt a hard hand. They would love and raise children of course, not by carrying and birthing them, but by loving them, with all their might. I salute, just as much, women who gave birth, and by tearing their hearts, had to allow others to raise their children, because they loved them so much, they decided that rather than fall short, they would give their offspring the best chance of life, not to survive, but to thrive. 

You see, motherhood, whilst extraordinary in its nature, is only one part of the woman. Being a woman should never be measured on your fertility or sterility, or motherhood, but on the merit of your own birth and existence. You were born for a purpose, whether you awaken to it or not, it will find you. 

The media is now flooded with information about fertility and sterility. From the obscure, then direct to the public. We support the efforts of all those who dedicate the time to share, their journeys, educate and encourage others. Especially, those who never made it the  land of milk and honey, but are brave enough to help others reach their goal of carrying and birthing a child. We honour the egg donors, the surrogate mothers, the feeding mothers who generously donate their breast milk to the milk bank, so other children may live.

It would be easy for us at Neo Fertility to share medical information about fertility and sterility, but we take this page, to pause, and remind all of us, that we are all worthy, by virtue of being, nothing more is required.

We will be back of course, with the dissemination of educational material. But we simply had to say only this, for now.

Phambili 🙌

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